Ch Ch Ch Changes…..


In August 1999, Penny Branch opened as a nine hole golf course.  Unexpected success allowed us to “re-open” as an eighteen hole golf course within a year.   Over the years we’ve re-routed the course, added wildflowers, watched small trees grow to full height, been featured by the Golf Channel, hosted numerous events, welcomed golfers from all over the world, and survived a recession.  We’ve been on the cover of an industry golf magazine, we’ve been honored as a SC economic ambassador, and we’ve been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and web magazines. Most importantly, we’ve made many, many friends over the almost 14 years that we’ve been at Penny Branch Club. 

The McKenzie family takes great pride in the fact that we took our old family farm and turned it into a world renowned golf course.  We followed our dream.  We built a golf course in the middle of nowhere.  And, against all odds, people have come from all over the world to play golf at Penny Branch Club.  We built it and they came. But the time has come for us to pass the torch to a more energetic team that will take our beautiful course to the next level.  Truett & Susan have decided to retire, Wendy has decided to travel more, and Chris is continuing to succeed in his new career.  


We think you’ll be very happy with the changes.  The new management is excited about the opportunity to be a part of Penny Branch.  They have big plans for the course, as you’ll see over the next few months.  You’ll see a few new faces working on the course, but you’ll also see some of the same.  And Blackie the cat will still greet you when you arrive.  You may even see us on the golf course…but we’ll be playing golf instead of working!


We’ll miss seeing each and every one of you, and we’ll all definitely miss Jamie (she’s moving to Ohio).  But we’re looking forward to watching what we built continue to thrive and become even better.  Thank you for 14 wonderful years.  

Truett, Susan, Wendy, Chris


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