We’re excited that Penny Branch is coming back with a vengeance!  The Bermuda grass is LOVING the extreme heat – yes, there is a good side to the summer temperatures 🙂 – and it’s in rapid growth mode.  As a matter of fact, the greens are rolling better than they have in quite a while!  Even the two holes (#1 & #11) which have been a huge headache for us this year are looking good.  The bunkers are being consistently maintained and the fairways are being mowed with extra care.  Not even the strong storm that we had last week was able to stop the momentum at Penny Branch.  Kudos to our maintenance crew for doing such a good job under the tough South Carolina sun.

We’re planning some special events over the next few months to showcase the golf course.  Be on the lookout for information about these events.  You can get this information via our club newsletter or on our Facebook page. 

If you’re at the golf course and you see Keith Lucas (our new superintendent),

please take the time to thank him for what he’s accomplishing.  He’s been instrumental in the changes on the golf course and he deserves the credit.  We’re very glad he’s a part of Penny Branch Club.

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