June has arrived.  The month started off in a mild manner, then came the rains, and now we have the heat.  That’s good news for those of us in the golf business.  Heat means that Bermuda grass is growing, which makes all of us happy.  Most of the greens are recovering nicely from damage over the winter/early spring.  There are still some issues with a few of the greens, but these issues are being addressed aggressively and we’re looking forward to soon being able to tell you that Penny Branch greens are back.  We greatly appreciate your patience and loyalty as we work diligently to provide you with a great golf course.

On that note, you will notice that the maintenance crew is working painstakingly to keep up with the rapid growth of the grass on the fairways and roughs.  We’re in the process of pruning some limbs that have been impeding your golf carts and, in a couple of cases, interfering with your tee shots.  And we’re focusing on cleaning up the sand traps.  The weedeaters are out in full force! 

Visit Penny Branch and see what’s happening.  No houses, no development….just nature and golf….

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