Cooler weather!

It’s hard to believe that Fall has finally arrived. Hopefully the cool temperatures will continue and we can enjoy being outside. Perfect golfing weather is here, so sharpen up your sticks and come on out.

This growing season has been a pretty decent one. We have achieved good results throughout the property. Overall the conditions of the golf course are very good. In the coming months, we’ll be preparing the grass and course for the long dormant season. Below are some of the processes and applications that we will be performing to prepare for the upcoming season.
Fall fertilization is one of the most important feedings of the year. It is of utmost importance to supply the plants with nutrients that will protect and give them strength.  You almost have to compare this to a marathon runner in training. Runners definitely don’t start running 26 miles without proper training. Likewise, grass must be properly managed to allow for it to fight off pests, diseases, and cold temperatures. Don’t forget to apply a fertilizer to your lawn also. This time of year, I recommend a fertilizer with more P & K than N. An example of this is a blend of fertilizer such as a 5-10-20 at a rate of 5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. The phosphorus and potassium are more important than nitrogen at this period of the growing season. Also, an application of a broad spectrum fungicide is highly recommended. The cool damp days of
the autumn season are a perfect recipe for disease. Last but not least, apply an insecticide, even though it is going to get cold. Some pests burrow deep into the soil and come back up for supper on warm days.

We are looking forward to a great fall season. Come on out and bring a friend. It is nice to see our hard work being appreciated.


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